YCQ-2-2D Double deck oven 2 tray outdoor portable commercial natural gas pizza oven for sale uk price

YCQ-2-2D Double deck oven 2 tray outdoor portable commercial natural gas pizza oven for sale uk price
YCQ-2-2D Double deck oven 2 tray outdoor portable commercial natural gas pizza oven for sale uk price

Commercial portable commercial natural gas pizza oven for sale

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Single Tray Per Deck oven YCQ Series

One tray per layer, Compact and save space

Economical and easy to operate.


Specification of best commercial portable gas pizza oven propane 

Model Specification POWERKW Voltage Dimension L*W*HMM N.W.(KG)
YCQ-1D 1 DECK  1 Tray oven 0.1 220v 1020x600x545 55
YCQ-2-2D 2 DECK  2 Tray oven 0.2 220v 1020x600x1030 110
YCQ-3-3D 3 DECK  3 Tray oven 0.3 220v 1020x600x1435 160

PS:The YCQ-1D is 1 DECK 1 Tray Portable small deck oven,can place it on the table top.

Installation of ommercial natural gas pizza oven for sale

Place the gas deck oven in the ventilating place. Fix the metal tube connecting to outside at the back of the  deck oven’s gas-discharging entrance, which can efficiently discharge the oil smoke to outside on baking. Beside, install the exhaust fan in the suitable place to make the air circulation inside and prevent to be poisoned by carbon monoxide.

(1) The power supply plug should be inserted in the 220V special-purpose socket with function of leakage-proof and overload protecting device.(voltage between 220V-230V)

(2) Connect the LPG (gas bottle-reducing pressure vale-rubber tube-baking oven). Keep 2.5m distance between gas bottle and oven. Make sure the security of the gas transition area to prevent leaking (use the soapy water to test it before using).Don’t put the dangerous and flammable stuffs round the oven.

(3) Keep the right side of gas oven above 300mm distance against the wall, and the back and left

side should be kept 200mm against the wall. Change the tube and vale for safety at least

once per year.

Remark: In such a high-temperature working environment, it is prohibited to use the plastic exhaust tube, (0150 Aluminum exhaust tube on suggesting). The manufacturer is not liable for any damage arises from

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