YCD-1D Single Deck 1 Tray Small Portable Electric Single Tray Per Deck Oven For Baking


About R&M commercial Electric Deck mini oven

1.Digital Panel, knob Panel,Micro-Computer Panel,three operation panels for choose,to satisfy with different requirements.

2.One tray per layer, Compact and save space

3.Economical and easy to operate.

4.With CE certification.

Specification of Deck type mini electric oven for baking

Model Specification POWER(KW) Voltage Dimension L*W*H(MM) N.W.(KG)
YCD-1D 1 DECK  1 Tray 3.2KW 220v 895x580x430mm 40kg
YCD2-2D 2 DECK  2 Tray 6.4KW 220v 895x580x810mm 68kg
YCD3-3D 3 DECK  3 Tray 9.6KW 220v 895x580x1120mm 96kg


Attention and Using Environment of deck type electric bread oven

  1. Only the qualified electricians, with electric certification issued by the related official department, are allowed to do the installation and debugging.
  2. Do make sure that the voltage and power are complied with the specification in the label.And check out whether the wring part and the earth wire are fixed up. (The power wire should be fixed up to the switch with leakance-proof and overload protecting device)
  3. Do not pull off the power wire, avoiding the wire falling off, which may cause leakance or electric shock.

4.During the process, the operator should take some protective measures while taking the item in and out the oven, so that avoid being burned or scalded.

  1. Single tray deck oven is equipped with the thermal breaker. When the temperature reaches 360℃ , the thermal breaker will immediately connect with the solenoid trip switch at the same time, which will cut off all the electricity supply and stop heating, to prevent the oven from burning and damaging. Restart to bake, please follow the instruction below: When the temperature inside the oven is below 360℃, open the side panel, press the protrudent button on the solenoid switch and combine the solenoid trip switch by hand. Make sure connecting the power supply, and then the oven can start baking.
  2. Keep the working environment well ventilated and dry. Keep the oven away from the strong sunlight, the humid place,the inflammable or corrosive stuffs and gas etc.
  3. Place the deck oven against the wall at least 20mm to make sure the leaking air well ventilated. Temperature condition: 10℃–40℃, humidity should be less than 85%

8. During the delivery time,the oven should be handled with care, keep upright, to avoid shaking. The packed deck oven should not be placed outdoors for a long time. It is better to be kept in the dry, well ventilated warehouse with the humidity below 85%. If it needs kept outdoors temporarily, please take waterproof measure in case of rain.